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Loans granted at the customer’s home are older than non-bank loans granted online. Nowadays many have doubts as to whether they are profitable. Let’s think about the advantages and disadvantages of having a quick loan at the customer’s home offered.

What is advance check cashing?

A quick loan at the customer’s home is a beneficial solution for all those who refuse to give financial help to banks and non-bank companies offering payday loans. Why? Because it is granted on individual terms by the representative of a given company or bank. For this reason, it may also have large bailiffs’ activities which do not affect the final decision to grant a loan.

So how is the fast loan granted in the client’s home? Mainly, based on the statements of the applicant for financial assistance regarding employment, earnings, expenses and obligations. Depending on the parabanks and specific habits of their representatives, it can also be provided on the basis of a bank account statement for the last few months, water, gas, electricity and telecommunications bills, last year PIT form, contract of employment, commission and work and other documents and papers that can confirm the representative’s belief in the creditworthiness of the client.

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A “quick loan at the customer’s home” financial product is more like a loan than a loan. The loan agreement is long-term and binding, and the repayment period is at least several months. The repayment is divided into equal or decreasing installments, monthly or weekly. In addition, the loan in the customer’s home can be granted for a high amount – one that is in vain to find, for example, in companies offering online payday loans. The advantage of the loan at the customer’s home is also its immediate cash withdrawal and a relatively short time of delivery.

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Unfortunately, a fast loan at the client’s home belongs to one of the most expensive financial products of this type on the market. This is due to the fact that the total amount to be repaid consists of many independent elements. The first and undisputed is the amount of the loan, another – the commission for its granting, the next – the cost of home service (constituting more than 40% of the loan amount, often inadequate to the amount of activities related to the service). The cost of the loan is also increased by various fees, for example operational or preparatory and interest.

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Parabanks offering a quick loan at the client’s home will violate all regulations. They do not inform clients about the actual annual interest rate, providing one that is calculated on the basis of an analysis of the interest and commission itself, excluding the aforementioned fees.

The real cost of a quick loan at a customer’s home is over 200%. This means that the client gives over 300% of the amount drawn, which in the case of installment payment is simply crushing. Nevertheless, many clients take out a loan at the customer’s home from a parabank and pay it back, although it is a financially low loan.

Looking at purely economic considerations, a quick loan in the client’s home definitely does not pay off. We will leave the borrowers alone to decide whether to take it or not.

Do you need cash now? What is payroll advance?

A loan for proof via the Internet is a very popular financial product. This type of loan is currently offered by over 30 different non-bank online companies. What is a loan for proof via the Internet and what is important to know about it? We will answer these and other questions in this article.

What does this mean – a loan for proof via the Internet?

The term “Internet-based loan” suggests that financial assistance as part of its offer can be obtained completely online, with the presentation of personal ID data. This is obviously a nonsense of nonsense. The ID card is, of course, the only document required by lenders offering loans as evidence, but its mere possession does not guarantee that you will receive an online loan.

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Each loan offer defined as “for proof via the Internet” is intended for adult citizens of USA, who hold a valid ID card and have a number and an account in one of the American banks.

In most companies, it is offered to people with regular income (in various forms – also pensions, pensions or scholarships) and a stable financial situation. For some lenders, a loan for evidence can be obtained by unemployed people who do not have creditworthiness, as well as those with low scoring and negative entries in business registers.

How does it work – advance paycheck loan via the Internet?

You can apply for a loan for proof via the Internet on the selected lender’s website. For this purpose, an online registration form must be completed, in which personal data, contact details and those regarding earnings, expenses and other things that affect the economic situation of the customer are provided. The identity is confirmed by means of an online transfer to one of the bank accounts of the loan company. Then, a loan application is pending, which is verified on the basis of the information provided in the form and data from bank and BIG. The decision on granting the loan or rejecting the application is obtained by e-mail or SMS. The money is paid to the bank account from which the transfer confirming the personal data was made.

Short term cash loans – how much can I borrow and for how long?

In loan companies operating on the market, the first loan for proof via the Internet can be obtained from $ 100 to over $ 1,000. The amount of the loan increased by the commission for its granting should be returned after the end of the selected period in full. The loan in most companies is granted for a period from one day to a maximum of 90 days.

How much does a loan for proof via the Internet cost?

The market for non-bank online loans is very extensive. A huge number of loan companies offer new customers the first loan for online proof completely free of charge. In other companies, the total cost of the loan is the sum of its amount and the commission for the award, which amounts to an average of 20 to 35% of the loan amount.

A loan for online proof is a dynamically developing product. Demand for it is constantly growing, and new non-bank companies are emerging that offer customers such a loan. No wonder – it is simple, fast and inexpensive and is often the only solution to the temporary financial difficulties.